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RiversEdge West

RiversEdge West works to help people manage invasive plant species and to restore native riparian vegetation. They promote cross-boundary, ecosystem-wide restoration approaches with a landscape-scale perspective. Their geographic focus is characterized by potential habitat at risk for tamarisk establishment. They also act as an information clearinghouse, and develop important resources, methods, and solutions necessary for restoring riparian landscapes. 

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Colorado River Research Group

A self-directed team of Colorado River scholars. Each member has led a research program concerning water resources management, river science, or water law and public policy, or has written widely on these topics. Their purpose is to provide a non-partisan, basin-wide perspective on matters pertaining to the Colorado River, helping all those with a stake in the river identify, justify and implement actions that sustainably meet society's demands for water while maintaining the distinct attributes of the Colorado River ecosystem.

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WaterMaps USU 

Watermaps LogoTA custom water demand management tool developed for promoting urban landscape water conservation. It identifies urban properties with irrigated landscapes that have the greatest “capacity to conserve” water so that conservation information and interventions can be tailored to those locations. It helps water suppliers assess the effectiveness of conservation program delivery by monitoring site-specific and service-area changes in landscape water use efficiency over time.

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Grand Canyon River Guides

Grand Canyon River Guides Logo

Grand Canyon River Guides is a grassroots non-profit organization of individuals who care about the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. They provide annual guide training seminars, work to foster dialogue and engage in negotiation with the National Park Service. Their goals are:

  • Protecting Grand Canyon
  • Setting standards for the river profession
  • Celebrating the river community
  • Providing the best possible river experienceWebsite »


NPCA logo

The National Parks Conservation Association has been the independent, nonpartisan voice working to strengthen and protect America's favorite places. With more than a million members and supporters, they work to protect and preserve the nation’s most iconic and inspirational places for present and future generations. They celebrate the parks — and work tirelessly to defend them — whether on the ground, in the courtroom or on Capitol Hill.

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WIKI Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program. Includes information, training, announcements and discussion.

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John Fleck Blog

John Fleck

Informal thoughts from John Fleck, a journalist, scientist, and thinker living in New Mexico. For 25 years, John Fleck wrote about science for the Albuquerque Journal. He's the director of the University of New Mexico Water Resources Program. His latest project is an book book about the future of the Colorado River, called Water is for Fighting Over: and other Myths About Water in the West. 

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