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Dr. Julia Burton

Dr. Julia Burton

Wildland Resources

Research Assistant Professor

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Office Hours: BNR 213
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Research in the Burton Lab focuses on important conceptual questions that inform forest management and conservation. Specifically, we integrate field studies of plant communities with statistical modeling to understand how local processes (e.g., disturbance and succession) interact with regional processes (e.g., climate change, migration and invasion) to influence forest structure and function. These studies are used to design silvicultural systems and prescriptions that balance commodity production with non-commodity objectives (e.g., ecological restoration, biodiversity maintenance). Most work focuses on linkages between forest overstory vegetation, where the majority of forest carbon is stored, and ground-layer plant communities, where forest regeneration processes occur and the majority of plant species reside.

Jessika Carlstrom - MS
Claudia Stout - MS

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