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Dr. James N. Long

Dr. James N. Long

Wildland Resources / Ecology Center


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Office Hours: Office Location NR 326
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My research, and that of my graduate students, spans a broad range of the continuum from basic to applied forest ecology. My goal is to conduct research which will make a demonstrable difference in wildland resource management.  Specifically, my research program is in forest ecology and silviculture. I study the structure and function of forest populations and communities--for example, stand dynamics and production ecology. Through my work, I seek to provide a basic understanding of forest populations for those who manage forest vegetation.

WILD 3850 - Vegetation and Habitat Management
WILD 5700 - Forest Assessment and Management

Jennifer Bakken - MS
Daniel McKenna - MS

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Selected Publications:
A Density Management Diagram for Even-aged Ponderosa Pine Stands
Emulating natural disturbance regimes as a basis for forest management: A North American View
A Density Management Diagram for Longleaf Pine Stands with Application to Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Habitat

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