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Environment & Society
Name Title Email
Alsop, Dr. Ted J. Emeritus
Baggio, Jacopo Assistant Professor (Research Interests: Networks, Social-Ecological System Modeling and Analysis)
Belmont, Shannon GIS Instructor and Water Resources Researcher
Brain, Dr. Roslynn Assistant Professor (Research Interests: sustainable communities, proenvironmental behavior change, nonformal teaching techniques)
Brunson, Dr. Mark W. Professor (Research Interests: human ecology, environment-behavior interactions)
Burr, Dr. Steven W. Associate Professor (Research Interests: outdoor recreation and natural resources- based tourism)
Carte, Dr. Lindsey Postdoctoral Fellow
Conte, Dr. Chris Associate Professor dual appointment with History
Coppock, Dr. D. Layne Professor (Research Interests: human dimensions and applied ecology in rangelands and small-farm systems, international development, adoption-diffusion of innovations, action research methods)
Craig, Dr. Cliff B. Emeritus
D'Antonio, Dr. Ashley Postdoctoral Fellow
Endter-Wada, Dr. Joanna Professor and Program Director (NEPA Graduate Certificate Program); (Research Interests: natural resource & environmental policy, water management & planning, human ecology).
Frazer, Dr. Nat B. Professor (Research Interests: sustainability, science literacy, STEM education, interaction of politics, religion, and science)
Freeman, Larry Senior Instructor, Fellow with The Shipley Group, Inc.
Gilbert, Lael Outreach Specialist-Environmental Restoration
Glenn, Diana T. Research Associate, Urban Water Conservation Research Lab
Hirst, Becky SR Staff Assistant
Howe, Dr. Peter Assistant Professor (Research Interests: human-environment geography)
Jones, Tracy SR Staff Assistant
Kennedy, Dr. James J. Emeritus
Krannich, Dr. Richard Dual Appointment with ENVS
Kurtzman, Judy A. Adjunct Instructor
Lant, Dr. Christopher Professor & Department Head (Research Interests: Water resources management, ecosystem services, environmental policy)
Monz, Dr. Christopher Associate Professor (Research Interests: recreation ecology, outdoor recreation, and wilderness management)
Radel, Dr. Claudia Associate Professor (Research Interests: international development, political ecology, feminist geography: Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa)
Romesburg, Dr. Charles Professor (Research Interests: environmental decision making, natural resources research methods and survey sampling, bioethics)
Schmidt, Dr. Robert H. Associate Professor (Research Interests: wildlife policy and human dimensions, wildlife damage management)
Schmook, Birgit Adjunct Professor (Research Interests: cultural and political ecology, agrarian studies, environmental impacts of migration, Mexico and Latin America)
Smith, Dr. Jordan
Smith, Michael Senior Instructor: Environmental with The Shipley Group, Inc.
Solomon, Rhey Senior Instructor, Environmental with The Shipley Group, Inc.
Stephens, Kate Adjunct Instructor (environmental education)
Strand, Holly Research Associate/Science Communications Specialist
Tainter, Dr. Joseph Professor (Research Interests: social conflict in environmental issues, human responses to climate change and environmental degradation, human uses of energy and resources).
Thom, Dr. Derrick Emeritus
Toth, Richard E. Emeritus (Research Interests: bioregional planning & water resources management)
Warren-Kretzschmar, Barty Adjunct Assistant Professor (Research Interests: Bioregional Planning)
Welsh, Dr. Lisa NEPA Program Academic Assistant