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Environment & Society
Dr. Mark W. Brunson

Dr. Mark W. Brunson

Professor (Research Interests: human ecology, environment-behavior interactions)
Department: Ecology Center, Environment & Society
Departmental Role: Environment & Society Faculty
Status: Faculty, Faculty Advisor
Location:  NR 216
Office Phone:  435.797.2458
Fax:  435.797.4048
Utah State University
Department of Environment & Society
5215 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-5215

Dr. Brunson serves as Department Head of the Environment & Society Dept. while continuing research and teaching focused on the dynamics of coupled human-natural systems, especially in deserts and rangelands. He is interested in the causes and consequences of human behaviors in natural environments, and how those behaviors may be influenced by people's perceptions of the ecological conditions that result from human impacts.  His current research focuses on relationships between human activities and invasive species in the Great Basin and Hawaii, effects of recreation use and recreation management on Colorado Plateau ecosystems, and management decision processes after rangeland wildfires.  A member of the USU faculty since 1992, Dr. Brunson holds MS and PhD degrees from Oregon State University.

ENVS 1990- Professional Orientation for Environment & Society
ENVS 5000- Collaborative Problem-Solving for Environmental and Natural Resources
ENVS 6300/7300 - Social and Environmental Psychology of Natural Resources

Graduate Students:
Taya Carothers- Ph.D. Human Dimensions

Scott Hoffmann
- Ph.D., Ecology

Gwendwr Meredith- Ph.D. Human Dimensions

Rebecca Morgan- M.S., Human Dimensions
Jeff Ostermiller- Ph.D., Ecology
Hilary Whitcomb - Ph.D., Ecology
Elisabeth York- M.S., Human Dimensions

Other Departmental and Program Affiliations:
Canyonlands Research Center
Ecology Center
Institute for Outdoor Recreation & Tourism
Sagebrush Steppe Treatment Evaluation Project (SageSTEP)