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USU Faculty Committees

2017 - 2018


Juan Villalba (term expires summer 2018)
Chris Monz (term expires summer 2020)
Patrick Belmont (term expires summer 2020)


Nicki Frey (term expires summer 2020)
TBA (term expires summer 2020)

Executive Committee:  Juan Villalba (FSEC) (term exp. summer 2018)
Academic Freedom and Tenure:  Chuck Hawkins (term exp. summer 2018)
Budget and Faculty Welfare:  Patrick Belmont (term exp. summer 2020)
Committee on Committees:  no QCNR required representation

Education Policy Committee: Karen Mock (term exp. summer 2020)
Faculty Evaluation:  Chris Monz (term exp. summer 2020)
Professional Responsibilities:  TBA
Faculty Diversity, Development and Equity:  TBA (term exp. summer 2020)

Curriculum Subcommittee of EPC:  Claudia Radel
General Ed Subcommittee of EPC:  Claudia Radel
Academic Standards Subcommittee of EPC:  no QCNR required representation


Graduate Council:  Johan DuToit
Council of Associate Deans:  Claudia Radel
Research Council:  Chris Luecke
Central P and T Committee:  TBA
Ecology Center Advisory Board: Eugene Schupp, Layne Coppock
Undergraduate Research Advisory Board:  Eugene Schupp

Safety Committee: Jack Schmidt, Andrew Kulmatiski, Jordan Smith
Library Committee: Peter Adler