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MNR Program Description

The Master of Natural Resources (MNR) degree is designed to help natural resource professionals function better in management positions.  It will give them an interdisciplinary curriculum to broaden their knowledge and help them see the “big picture” view of managing both land and people. 

The MNR degree focuses on five core course areas: Human Dimensions, Ecological Foundations, Quantitative Methods, Spatial Analysis and Policy/Administration. 

What makes this degree different from the traditional MS or MA is it does not require a research project or thesis, but rather emphasizes high quality course work and an integrative capstone experience. 

The MNR is offered through three different formats: online, on-campus and short-courses.  Students are allowed to mix and match formats to achieve the 33 minimum credits needed to complete the degree.  Students can complete the MNR degree using all online courses.  

State Authorization

Due to a new state authorization initiative throughout the nation, all universities offering education outside of their state must be authorized by each state in which they are offering courses. Utah State has thoroughly reviewed the requirements to offer programs in all states and has restricted their distance education offerings to students residing in Arkansas.

If you reside in this state, please check back periodically for any changes to USU's admission policy.