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Summer 2018  

QCNR Internship Information 

The Quinney College of Natural Resources partners with the United States Forest Service, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Utah Forestry, Fire and State Lands, National Parks and Non-Profit agencies to provide valuable professional expereince to students.

US Forest Service


The goal of the internship program is to give undergraduate students a broad exposure to the US Forest Service and illustrate the many career possibilities available through the agency. These positions will allow students to work closely with a Forest Service employee and gain experience in Wildlife, Fisheries, Forestry, Range, and Recreation.

Fish and Wildlife Interns at Heber and Evanston-Mt. View Ranger district

  • Location: Evanston 1 position - housing provided
  • Location: Heber 2 positions - housing provided
  • Intern(s) will monitor 29 northern goshawk territories, visit each territory up to three times to determine if fledgling are successful, and search for new goshawk territories if time is available.  Intern(s) will take an accurate inventory of vault toilet vent pipe sizes and may install vent pipe screens to protect cavity nesting-birds from accidental death.  Candidate(s) will retrieve 10 trail cameras and review pictures.  Intern(s) will flag and mark the project areas for the Goshawk Habitat Regeneration project and may assist with marking trees for the Telephone Hollow project.  Candidate(s) will be responsible for monitoring beaver-clogged culverts and unplug clogged culverts as needed to prevent road flooding.  Intern(s) also may participate in UDWR cow/calf moose radio tracking study, participate in bat and toad blitz monitoring events, and learn how to monitor boreal toads and three-toed woodpeckers on other districts. 

Timber Interns at Randolph and Evanston-Mt View Ranger District 

  • Location: Evanston 1 position - housing provided  
  • Location:  Randolph 2 positions - housing provided
  • Overtime potential
  • These individuals will be responsible for prepping the Red Ryder Timber Sale.  Work involved will include designating cutting unit boundaries, designating what trees shall be felled, and estimating tree height, diameter, defect, and volumes.  Interns will become familiar with estimating basal areas, the use of GPS, relaskops, diameter tapes, compasses, and clinometers.  These individuals may be staying in camper trailers on the work site for up to 20 days, non-consecutively. 
  • Crews typically work 4-10 hours days. 

Recreation Interns at Evanston-Mt View Ranger District

  • Location Bear River Ranger Station 30 miles south of Evanston, Wyoming
  • 4 positions to be filled
  • Housing provided
  • Overtime potential.
  • Performs a variety of duties in support of the unit’s recreation/trails program in the area of recreation.  May perform law enforcement responsibilities.  Assures the trails and recreation facilities are maintained to established standards.  Gathers specific data on recreation conditions.  Provides detailed information about recreation opportunities to Forest Visitors and explains Forest Service rules and regulations.  Provides information on resource management practices.

Range Interns at Logan and Heber District

  • Location:  Heber 2 positions - housing provided
  • Location:  Logan 2 position - no housing 
  • Permit administration, vegetation monitoring, range improvement construction and maintenance (trough and fence construction, waterline installation and maintenance).


Applicants must be current undergraduate students in a degree program in the USU Quinney College of Natural Resources. Applicants must have a general knowledge of the specific internship listed. Applicants must have the ability to learn new skills rapidly and effectively as well as take instruction and conduct field or office work as directed. They should also have the ability to operate office, laboratory, and field equipment, including vehicles, safely and effectively. A valid driver's license is required. Successful applicants will be expected to work under difficult field conditions for extended periods of time. 

Salary: $12-15 per hour depending on housing

Closing Date: applications will be accepted until March 9, 2018

Employment Dates: flexible; Start May; End Aug; total of 12 weeks. 


Summer Research Position
The goal of the summer internship is to give an undergraduate student an opportunity to gain experience working in a collaborative effort that directly benefits the National Parks. This position will provide valuable research experience.  

Internship Descriptions:

  • Participate in an ongoing pika ecology study
  • Wildlife inventories
  • Citizen Science Wildlife Study
  • Park-wide natural resource maintenance


  • Approximate Start/End Date: May - August 2018
  • $12 an hour/40 hours a week/occasional evening hours required
  • Housing: Yes
  • Location: Cedar Breaks National Monumnet
  • Supervisor:
    Nicki Frey


  • Current USU QCNR student
  • Must have a valid US driver's license and transportation

To Apply:  Application deadline is March 15

  • Send cover letter, resume and copy of unofficial transcripts to Dr. Nicki Frey by email,

Wild Utah Project - 2018 

2018 Summer Field Ecology Internship

Overall Description: 

Overall Description: The Ecology intern will work closely with our Biologist and Director in addition to other staff in the execution of Wild Utah Project’s Wildlife Science and Citizen Science Programs. Priorities include being trained to assist with current field research studies and orchestrating logistics for single and multiple-day (camping out) Citizen science field data collection trips with potentially up to 15 volunteers. There will be a certain amount of “in-office” work, including activities ranging from literature reviews and document library organization on our server, to writing comments on federal land management plans or actions. This will be a full time position starting mid-late May or by June 01 (once the semester is over) through early-August (approximately 10 weeks, based on student’s schedule). The internship is intended for a junior or senior within the College of Natural Resources at Utah State University.


Areas of Responsibility:

  • In particular, our intern will spend a considerable portion of the summer working with our staff and USU faculty member, Joe Wheaton and his lab, in assisting with ground-truthing the Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool (BRAT model). This will involve traveling to specific sites that are predicted to be suitable or unsuitable beaver habitat by the model and may or may not currently support beaver, taking site photos, and doing a series of qualitative and quantitative measurements as part of a field protocol. After the intern is trained in the protocol, this fieldwork will involve some traveling with another field technician or independently on remote Forest Service unpaved roads, and camping in the field, for up t0 3-4 days at a time, for as many as 3-4 different trips to different National Forests in Utah.

  •  The intern will assist as needed with ecological fieldwork for ongoing WUP research & monitoring efforts with/for partners (i.e. Kennecott long-term grazing study, boreal toad habitat assessments, and bat box occupancy surveys).

  •  The intern may also be asked to assist with logistics for local efforts (bat box monitoring and aquatic habitat assessments) and out-of-town field trips (e.g. SheepRocks pre-Beaver Dam Analogue assessments) multi-day Citizen Science field trips, and then would also attend the Citizen Science trips as an assistant and a participant.

  •  The intern may be asked to enter field data into databases for the aforementioned projects.

  •  During office hours, the intern may be asked to assist other Wild Utah Project staff as needed with biological analyses or reports for other Utah conservation groups.


  • Current undergraduate or graduating senior, majoring in biology, ecology, and/or other natural resource degrees at Utah State University

  •  Prior field experience gathering ecological data in the field is important

  •  Strong communication and interpersonal skills will be very helpful

  •  Organization skills are very useful (detail oriented and adept at meeting deadlines)

  •  Willingness to work independently and/or with a team in the field and office

  •  Willingness to camp independently on public land for some field efforts

  •  Living somewhere in the greater Salt Lake area for the summer will be important

  •  With this year’s internship emphasis on ground-truthing of the BRAT model, majoring in, or field experience with aquatic ecology, fisheries, fluvial geomorphology, hydrology and/or other watershed science is a plus.

Salary: The gross summer salary for this position will be $5,500 to $6,000 for the summer, depending on numbers of weeks the intern is able to devote to Wild Utah Project over the course of the summer.  We will also cover all travel expenses to all field sites (either through reimbursement for mileage in intern’s own, field-hearty vehicle, or through truck rental), as well as covering meals while intern is away in the field. 

Course Credits for your academic institution possible.  We will work this out with applicant and his/her institution on a case-by-case basis

Application Procedure:  Send resume and cover letter by February 23.  Attention:  Mary Pendergast,(email preferred but hard copies will be accepted) Wild Utah Project, 824 South 400 West, Suite B-117,   Salt Lake City, UT 84101. 

Summer Internship Program

 Summer Internship Program - 2 Positions Available

Logan City Environmental Department seeks two students for a summer internship program.  The goals for the internship will be for the students to evaluate and enact strategies to help decrease contamination in our recycling programs, create digital public information about energy conservation, to perform public education about the Environmental Department programs, and to assist recording can locations in our service area.  Interns will work with Logan City Environmental Department Conservation Coordinator, Emily Malik, for recycling and energy projects and Jeff Spatig for the can location recording. Internship may change to involve additional projects within the Environmental Department.

The interns may enroll in a one-credit internship class during the fall semester after the summer internship period to produce a final project report if desired.  A QCNR faculty member will grade this internship course.

  • The successful candidates will be prepared to work with the public in a professional manner.
  • 8 am - 5pm Monday through Friday (with an occasional Saturday)
  • Must be able to adapt to a variety of roles and responsibilities (eg, data entry one day and working outside in the heat the next).
  • This position is for approximately 40 hours per week.

Selection of Interns

Students from the Quinney College of Natural Resource at Utah State University will be eligible for this internship.  Application process will include evaluation by QCNR personnel, with input from City of Logan personnel, and be based on student’s progress towards a degree, a summary of student’s career goals, and a letter of recommendation from a USU faculty member.  Application review will begin on March 16, 2018.

Intern Benefits

  • $12/hour for 30-40 hours per week 
  • Interns will be responsible for their own transportation to and from the job site at 153 N 1400 W in Logan, UT.


Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Regional Intern (3 Positions) 


The goal of the internship program is to give undergraduate students a broad exposure to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (Division) and illustrate the many career possibilities available through the agency.  The Division has six sections including Administrative Services, Aquatics, Conservation Outreach, Habitat, Law Enforcement, and Wildlife; this position is designed to give the intern experience in all of these sections.  Through field and office work assignments, exploration of wildlife and habitat plans, and networking with professionals, the intern, under the supervision of a Division mentor, will gain an extensive understanding of how the Division functions.  There are three internships, one in each of three Division Regional Offices, Ogden, Vernal and Price. Housing for interns may be available in Vernal and Price.


Conduct field and office work in wildlife, aquatics, habitat, law enforcement, and conservation outreach.  Specific duties may include, but are not limited to:

  • Field data collection on wildlife and aquatic species
  • Field data collection on habitat projects.
  • Assisting Conservation Officers in law enforcement activities.
  • Assisting Outreach Manager with public information activities.
  • Assisting all sections with data compilation, data entry, and other office related tasks

Work with a Division mentor to gain a broad understanding of the agency.  This may include:

  • Reviewing Division materials such as management plans, conservation strategies, rules, and proclamations.
  • Attending a Regional Advisory Council meeting.
  • Networking with Division employees.

Provide an internship project report highlighting your experiences and suggesting ways to improve the internship program.


Applicants must be current undergraduate students in a degree program in the Quinney College of Natural Resources. Applicants must have a general knowledge of wildlife, aquatics, and/or habitat management in Utah and/or general knowledge of wildlife law enforcement and conservation outreach.  They must have the ability to learn new skills rapidly and effectively as well as take instruction and conduct field or office work as directed.  They should also have the ability to operate office, laboratory, and field equipment, including vehicles, safely and effectively. A valid driver's license is required.  Successful applicants will be expected to work under difficult field conditions for extended periods of time.


Interns may, as an option, enroll for up to 2 credits; points are also available for Honors students.  Students taking credit or Honors points will work with an Academic mentor and be given mutually-agreed upon academic assignments to complete during their internship.

Salary: $11.22 - $12.24 depending on experience

Location: base of operations in Ogden, Vernal, Price.

Number of Openings: 3 (one in each location)

Closing Date: applications will be accepted until 16 March 2018

Employment Dates: flexible; not to exceed 12 weeks between mid-May and end of August. 


For more information contact:                          

Dr. Frank P. Howe

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (subject line “Undergrad Internship Application”)

Canyon Country Discovery Center - 2 Positions 

Overview Description
The Canyon Country Discovery Center (CCDC) creates lifelong learning experiences about the Colorado Plateau through adventure, education, and stewardship. Our vision is to build a diverse community of people who support, foster, and cherish the natural and cultural treasures around us. This internship will provide rising outdoor educators with the ability to gain experience and skills running the San Juan River, developing environmental education programming, and outfitting trips that are both river and land-based.


  • Assist with planning and implementing summer camps, adventure trips, and outdoor programs. This includes all aspects of programming: processing paperwork, food and gear prep, camping overnight with groups, and post trip clean up.
  • Assist in the development and independently deliver adventure education programs to students, youth, and adults. This includes material prep and post program evaluation.
  • Articulate the mission of the CCDC and project a helpful and positive attitude when interacting with the public.
  • Write articles and social media posts before, during, and after trips.
  • Work collaboratively across the organization to assist staff on other projects as needed or based on interest. Projects may include: trails and restoration, vegetation, astronomy or community events.

  • Excellent communicator, friendly manner, likes to share new ideas, able to work through challenges, interest in science and nature, and comfortable with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.
  • Ability to hike, camp, and raft, as some programs will include multi-day trips.
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
  • Current student in outdoor education related fields (environmental studies, recreation, outdoor education, natural resources, education, etc.)
  • Passion for outdoor recreation
  • Experience rowing or paddle Class III (guide license or eligibility preferred)
  • Familiarity with natural systems on the Colorado Plateau
  • Familiarity with Leave No Trace principles
  • Wilderness First Aid or Wilderness First Responder (to be complete by first trip)
  • Clean driving record
  • Proof of legal status


Interns are paid $12/hour for 40 hours/week not to exceed 12 weeks, as well as the option to live on our Monticello campus in shared housing. Company vehicles will be provided for travel on trips. Discounts on outdoor gear may also available for interns to ensure they can enjoy recreational opportunities during their internship. 

To Apply

Send a resume and cover letter to The deadline for applicaions is April 1. 

Information Coming Soon

Information Comin Soon