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Graduate/Undergraduate Mentor Program

mentor program

WATS Department graduate student Susan Washko worked with undergraduate student Dylan Anderson on a research project as part of the WATS Department's Global Change Lab. 

About the Program

The Graduate-Undergraduate Mentor Program was created to help bridge the gap between undergraduate and graduate students within the department, and build mutually beneficial relationships between mentors and mentees. This program was designed to provide undergraduates with a trustworthy sounding board on stressful issues that could come up in the last two years of undergraduate coursework, as well as expose new undergraduates to graduate research opportunities within QCNR. 

Goals of the Program

The goal of the Graduate-Undergraduate Mentor Program is to provide an opportnity for QCNR undergraduates to work with a graduate student in their department, on issues pertaining to graduate school and entering the workforce. We have a diverse team of 12 mentors across 3 departments. They are available to meet with students on a one-time or regular basis. 

We are happy to provide current undergraduate students with the following opportunities:

  1. Advice on starting the search for graduate programs. 
  2. Help editing personal statements for graduate programs.
  3. General advice on selecting a graduate program.
  4. Help with initially contacting potential advisors.
  5. Alternatives to seeking graduate position announcements (NSF and other fellowship).
  6. Advice on how to prepare for and what to expect from graduate school.
  7. Help preparing and editing CVs and resumes. 
  8. Advice on interview skills.
  9. Mock presentations or interviews.
  10. Advice on seeking alternative careers (Americorps, Peace Corps, Conservation Corps, etc.).
  11. Advice on looking for summer/post-graduation internships. 

Department Mentor Bios and contact information

If you are interested in meeting with a Graduate Mentor, please follow the links to the department mentor bios below. You are welcome to meet with any mentor in any department. 

Unsure of how to begin? Contact our graduate/undergraduate program coordinator. Lauren is happy to help recommend a mentor, and discuss program opportunities.

Lauren Dupey

Lauren Nicole Dupey
Graduate/Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Contact Information

Office:  NR 353D
            Monday - Friday 8-4pm