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Quinney College of Natural Resources Student Senator


Rebecca T.
                   Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas is the 2017-18 QCNR Academic Senator. She represents QCNR students on the Academic Senate, through direct advocacy to administration, and various other functions. If you ever have a question about the QCNR, student involvement, or USU in general, don't hesitate to reach her at


QCNR Undergaduate  Student Council                         QCNR Graduate Student Council

Executive Vice President: Audree Van Vulkenburg                                              Head Chairperson: Gwendwr Meredith

Administrative Assistant: Jordan Risley                                                              ENVS Representative: Taya Carothers

Events Director: David Lloyd                                                                                WATS Representative: Rachel Hager 

Involvement Director:  Casey Trout                                                                      WILD Representative: Leslie Forero

Marketing Director: Mason Kemp                                                                        Graduate-Undergraduate Liaison: Lauren Dupey

Council Members: Rachel Chamberlain, Cheslise Dever, Jason Meier,               Medical Fund Liaison: Liz Cook 

Tim Woodruff, Nick Madsen, Randi Thompson                                                      Social Coordinators: Riana Gayle, Susan Washko

                                                                                                                                                                           Safety Liaison: Stephen Pfeiler

                                                                                                                                                                           Ecolunch Corrdinators: Jeff Haight , Shaley Valentine