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2018-2019 Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Below are undergraduate research projects that are currently looking for students. Many of these opportunities are paid positions. You can also look for these opportunities and others on the QCNR Jobs and Opportunities page.

Quantifying variation in regional ecosystem productivity across space and time


This project seeks to build off of seminal small-scale studies by analyzing 1) how regional net primary productivity (the annual amount of carbon captured by an ecosystem) varies through space and time, 2) how such variability differs across key ecosystem...

Why is phosphorus increasing in alpine lakes?


A recent nationwide survey conducted by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that phosphorus has increased in lakes and rivers across the US from 2000-2014.

Condition of focal natural resources in US national parks


National parks support a wide range of natural resources, from clean air to rare wildlife and intact ecosystems to natural soundscapes. To assist with their natural resource management and planning, the National Park Service has commissioned “natural reso...

Moral Foundations in Behavior Change


This study is looking at the differences in the ways people with different moral foundations react to messages about energy conservation. It is measuring behavior through meter readings and self-reports. Undergraduate researchers will have the opportunity...

Unraveling belowground fungal colonization of plants in the sagebrush


This project investigates the fungal associations of four dominant plant species in the sagebrush steppe community. We know a lot more about the organisms that interact with plant communities aboveground, but we know relatively little about what goes on b...

What proportion of seeds in scorched cones are viable?


We would like to investigate how many of these cones contain viable seeds, and what proportion of each cone's seeds are viable.

How do beaver ponds affect stream water quality?


Duties include water and sediment sample preparation and analysis. Skills learned include chlorophyll-a pigment analysis from stream water and benthic sediment sample, % organic matter from beaver pond cores, and assisting in other trace element (N,P,C) a...

Agro-environmental sustainability


I’m working on a number of projects related to agricultural affects the environment and, conversely, how the environment affects agriculture. I’m looking for students with experience in GIS and/or programming (R or Python) and an interest in agricultural...

A minimally sufficient movement mechanism resulting in consumer-resource spatial matching


This is a modelling project (so requires strong quantitative skills and preferably some Matlab experience) aimed at identifying the simplest possible strategy a foraging animal might use to enhance its consumption rate across a heterogeneous resource land...