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Student Organizations

Council and Clubs

In the S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources there are many student organizations that enhance your university experience.  By becoming involved, you will have opportunities to learn new things, meet people, have fun, participate in leadership roles, and prepare for your career in natural resources. Every students should plan to become involved in at least one club during their undergraduate career. To get involved with the club of your choice, send an email to the club or club president listed below. Also, weekly club activities will be announced on the QCNR announcements list serve. To sign up for the list serv add your email address, here.


A national organization dedicated to improving human-wildlife relationships and managing human-wildlife conflicts through teaching, research and extension.

Jack H. Berryman Institute

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Terry Messmer 
Club email:
Club President: Rhiannon Bottemer, 
Vice President: Annalisa Crow 
Secretary/Treasurer: Jess Rose 
Socail Media Coordinator: Max Von Zastrow 

The student subunit of the American Fisheries Society is a group of undergraduate and graduate students who have an interest in fisheries and aquatic ecology.

The mission of the American Fisheries Society is to improve the conservation and sustainability of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems by advancing fisheries adn aquatic science and promoting the development of fisheries professionals.

Faculty advisor: Dr. Brett Roper
Club email: 
Club President: Nick Barrett,  
Vice President: Richard Buys
Secretary: Tim Young
Treasurer: Tyler Arnold
Public Relations: Hunter Lucas
Web Guru: Cheyne Warren
Facebook Page:

Our goal is to advance the science, technology, education, and practice of professional foresters, and to use the knowledge and skill of the profession to benefit society.
2013 - Quiz Bowl-2nd Place (Charleston, South Carolina)
2008 - Quiz Bowl-1st Place (Reno, Nevada)

Upcoming Events
March 17th - Sawmill Tour - 8am-2:30pm
March 30th - Loggers' Breakfast
April 2nd - Tree Planting - Camp Williams - 7am-all day

Faculty advisor: Dr. Jim Long
Club email: 

Co- President: Kasey Kliewer,  
Co-President: Travis Cann,
Secretary/Public Relations: Gabe Henry  
Treasurer: Trevor Shafer 

The USU Range Club, is a group of students interested in range science and related fields. The chapter works to promote teh development of future range science professionals, continuing education of members and the public, and sustainable rangeland ecosystems. 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Fee Busby
Club email: 
Club President: Todd Irish,
Vice Preseident: Ethan Hallows
Public Relations: Katlyn Uhart
Treasurer: Megan Jamison
Secretary: Brianna Jensen  

The Student Organization for Society and Natural Resources works to bridge the gap between humans and the natural environment through service opportunities.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nat Frazer
Club email:
Club President: Frank De Jong,
Vice President: Ander Hart 
Treasurer: Tim Woodruff 
Director of Outdoor Engagement: Ethan Hammer 
Historian: Justine Cornwall 
Director of Operations: Casey Trout 

The Wildlife Society, USU Student Chapter 

TWS Website

Faculty advisors: Dr. Dan MacNulty and Dr. Frank Howe
Club email:
Club President: Maggie Hallerud,
Vice President: Daniel Jonson 
Public Relations: Eric Ethington 
Rylee Jonhson 
Historian: Kenen Goodwin
 McCall Iorg 

Xi Sigma Pi National Forest Management Honor Society

Xi Sigma Pi was founded in 1908 at the University of Washington (Alpha Chapter) as an honor society meant to recognize excellence among students of traditional forest management. The Lambda Chapter of Utah State University, formed in 1939, has expanded its view of forest management to recognize fields such as fisheries, wildlife, policy, and outdoor recreation as integral parts of forest management. In keeping with the stated national goals of the society, the Lambda Chapter seeks both to recognize and encourage academic excellence among students of the College of Natural Resources.

All undergraduates with senior standing (90 credits or more) in the top 20% of the S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources are invited to join Xi Sigma Pi in the spring semester. Graduate students in good standing may also apply. Members may participate in any of Xi Sigma Pi's activities, most of which provide services to the College. Members participate in and represent the College of Natural Resources at college and University sponsored functions.

Xi Sigma Pi
Department of Natural Resources
Utah State University
5200 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-520

Advisor: Dr. Jim Lutz
               NR 214

Wood Tree Examples

Nominees must either construct a tree in the shape of a conifer from wood, or prepare a wood cookie, and have ten current members of Xi Sigma Pi sign it in order to be initiated.  Conifers symbolize vigorous life and the study of natural resources.

Qualifications of a Professional Natural Resources Manager

Certain, well-defined attributes, no one of which are regarded more important than the others have been recognized as requisite of every true member of Xi Sigma Pi. Each member of Lambda Chapter understands their importance to true professional practice and their meaning. These points are:

  1. In technical training individuals should measure up to the standard set by the best professionals in the field.  
  2. Members must have that peculiar type of honesty that demands a full measure of service even when out of touch with a supervisor.
  3. Members must be loyal to the profession, to fellows, to those who give orders, and to those that fall under their direction.
  4. Members must have initiative, as work frequently places individuals in situations that require decision making and formulating plans.
  5. Members must school themselves in teamwork, for only through wholehearted cooperation can be of the greatest service to the profession.
  6. Members must have vision and with vision faith, for the real fruits of labor may not mature until years after the exit from the stage of life has been made.
  7. Members should unselfishly strive for the betterment of the profession.
  8. Criticism should be constructive and judgments withheld until one has full possession of the facts.
  9. Members should recognize an obligation to the school that made this training possible.
  10. Members should be true to their ideals.

Xi Sigma Pi Membership List


Current QCNR Faculty Other USU Members Graduate Students 2015 2016 2017
Mark Brunson Jan Anderson Kendall Becker Sarah E. Cross Margaret A. Hallerud Cheyne A. Warren
Joanna Endter-Wada Steve Daniels Ryan Choi Justin M. Hanton Heather Shipp Etta L. Crowley
Mike Kuhns Justin DeRose Tucker Furniss Tucker J. Furniss Bret N. Mossman Matthew J. Bishop
Judy Kurtzman Jim Kennedy Sara J. Germain Karen E. Mock Jordan N. Riley Casey D. Snider
Jim Long Terry Sharik Erika M. Blomdahl Kylee N. Nuttall Sara J. Germain Annalisa K. Crow
Jim Lutz John Shaw  David N.B. Soderberg Dakota M. Reed Erika M. Blomdahl Haylie A. Hill
Chris McGinty Neil West  Casey D. Snider Eric P. Sodja David N.B. Soderberg Janelle K. Nelson
Karen Mock Mike Wolfe   Bethany Q. Unger   Tahnee J. Saxton
Patsy Palacios     Molly R. Van Engelenhoven   Elizabeth M. Winters
Robert Schmidt     Kecia L. Weigand   Jesse R. Fleri
Helga Van Miegroet     Marc A. Wilson   Casey J. Brucker
          Anders P. Hart