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Watershed Sciences
Name Title Email
Atwood, Trisha Assistant Professor (ecosystem ecology, predator-prey dynamics, biogeochemistry)
Axford, David Researcher II - Taxonomist
Bailey, Brian Staff Assistant II
Bailey, Ellen Program Coordinator
Baker, Dr. Michelle Adjunct Professor (Aquatic Ecology)
Bangen, Sara Researcher
Belmont, Dr. Patrick Associate Professor (watershed hydrology,sediment dynamics, geomorphology, morphodynamics)
Belmont, Shannon GIS Instructor and Water Resources Researcher
Bennett, Stephen Researcher, Restoration Scientist
Bouwes, Dr. Nicolaas Adjunct Assistant Professor (Fish Habitat)
Budy, Dr. Phaedra Professor and Unit Leader. U.S. Geological Survey - Utah Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit (Aquatic Research Ecologist)
Courtwright, Jennifer Aquatic Ecologist/Project Manager
DeMeurichy, Kenny Research Technician SR
Durham, Susan Programmer/Analyst
Eke, Esther Postdoctoral Fellow
Endter-Wada, Dr. Joanna Professor and Program Director (NEPA Graduate Certificate Program); (Research Interests: natural resource & environmental policy, water management & planning, human ecology).
Follstad Shah, Dr. Jennifer Adjunct Assistant Professor
Gaeta, Jereme Assistant Professor (Fish ecology, Invasive ecology, Predator-prey dynamics)
Gilbert, Jordan Researcher
Gillies, Dr. Robert R. Adjunct Professor
Goede, Dr. Ronald G. Emeritus Professor (Fisheries)
Greene, Brian Program Coordinator I
Hammill, Edd Assistant Professor (community ecology and conservation planning)
Hawkins, Dr. Charles Professor (Stream Ecology and Environmental Assessment)
Hensleigh, James Geospatial Programmer and Analyst
Hooker, Toby Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jin, Dr. Jiming Associate Professor (Hydro-meteorological Modeling)
Jones, Robin Researcher II
Kelley, Enid Staff Assistant SR
Kettenring, Dr. Karin M. Associate Professor (wetland plant ecology, restoration ecology, wetland management, invasive plant ecology and management)
Kotynek, Joseph Researcher II - Taxonomist
Kumarasamy, Karthik Postdoctoral Research Associate
Landom, Kevin Project Coordinator I
Larese-Casanova, Mark Extension Assistant Professor (Environmental Education)
Larson, Nell Research Associate
Laub, Brian Postdoctoral Fellow
Macfarlane, Wally Research Associate
MacKinnon, Peter Research Associate
Majerova, Dr. Milada Research Associate
McHugh, Peter Researcher III
Mesner, Nancy O. Professor, Department of Watershed Sciences, Extension Specialist in Water Quality (Water Quality Monitoring, Policy, Outreach)
Miller, Dr. Scott Director, National Aquatic Monitoring Center (Stream Ecology, Invertebrates, biomonitoring)
Naftz, Dr. David Adjunct Assistant Professor
Neale, Dr. Christopher Adjunct Professor
Neuhold, Dr. John M. Emeritus Professor (Aquatic Ecology)
O'Brien, Gary Fluvial Geomorphologist
Pederson, Joel Adjunct Assistant Professor
Perry, Christian Postdoctoral Researcher
Portugal, Elijah Fluvial Geomorphologist
Roper, Dr. Brett B. Aquatic Monitoring Center-Program Leader (Stream Ecology and Habitat Relationships)
Saunders, Dr. Carl Senior Researcher, Fish Ecologist
Schaller, Dr. Howard Adjunct Assistant Professor
Schmidt, Dr. (John) Jack C. Professor (Geomorphology and River Management)
Schroer, Matt Researcher II - Taxonomist
Scott, Dr. Michael Adjunct Assistant Professor
Tagg, Matt Researcher II - Taxonomist
Tarboton, Dr. David Adjunct Assistant Professor
Taylor, Mike Watershed Department Associate
Thiede, Gary P. Researcher II (Fishery Biologist)
Vander Laan, Jacob Research Associate
Wall, Eric Researcher II
Wheaton, Dr. Joseph Michael Assistant Professor (Fluvial geomorphology, ecogeomorphology, ecohydraulics, stream and river restoration, riverine monitoring and adaptive management)
Whigham, Dennis Adjunct Assistant Professor
Wilcock, Dr. Peter Professor and Department Head (Sediment transport, River mechanics, Management and restoration)
Wilson, Dr. Chris Adjunct Assistant Professor
Witt, Shelly USDA Forest Service - Continuing Education Program Leader
Wurtsbaugh, Dr. Wayne A. Professor (Limnology, landscape ecology, aquatic ecology, saline lakes, nutrients, phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish, Artemia, pollution, international studies)