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Wildland Resources Directory

Wildland Resources Faculty

Our award winning faculty are who make the Wildland Resources Department successful and recognized. Members of our faculty are frequently looking to recruit graduate students, these faculty members will have their link button highlighted green.


Peter Adler

Dr. Peter B. Adler

Professor (Community ecology, population ecology, theory, climate change, global change)

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Lise Aubry

Dr. Lise M. Aubry

Assistant Professor (Population ecology, conservation biology, wildlife management, evolutionary ecology)

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Karen Beard

Dr. Karen H. Beard

Professor (Conservation biology)

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Beth Burritt

Beth Burritt

Extension Associate Professor (Diet selection, livestock behavior, rangelands, herbivory)

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Julia Burton

Dr. Julia Burton

Research Assistant Professor (Forest Community Ecology, Silviculture, Landscape Ecology)

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Fee Busby

Dr. Fee Busby

Professor (Effects of livestock grazing)

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Mary Conner

Dr. Mary Conner

Research Associate Professor (Wildlife population ecology)

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Michael Conover

Dr. Michael R. Conover

Professor (Berryman Institute, animal behavior, wildlife damage management)

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David Dahlgren

Dr. David Dahlgren

Assistant Professor 
(Applied Ecology, Upland Game Ecology and Conservation, Human-Wildlife Interactions)

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Johan du Toit

Dr. Johan du Toit

Professor (Ecology, evolutionary biology, zoology)

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Thomas Edwards

Dr. Tom C. Edwards

Professor (Research Ecologist, U.S. Geological Survey, biological resources)

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Dr. Rich Etchberger

Professor (Wildlife-Habitat interactions and natural resources education)

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Dr. Shandra Nicole Frey

Extension Associate Professor (Wildlife ecology)

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Eric Gese

Dr. Eric M. Gese

Professor (USDA National Wildlife Research Center, predator behavior and ecology)

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Frank Howe

Dr. Frank Howe

Adjunct Associate Professor DWR Liaison

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Kris Hulvey

Dr. Kristin Hulvey

Assistant Professor (Ecosystem services, biological invasions, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning)

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Mike Jenkins

Dr. Michael J. Jenkins

Associate Professor (Disturbance ecology and management, insects, fire, snow avalanches)

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Mike King

Dr. Michael M. King

Associate Professor

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David Koons

Dr. David N. Koons

Associate Professor (Population ecology, life history evolution, trophic interactions, stochastic environments)

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Mike Kuhns

Dr. Michael R. Kuhns

Department Head and Professor (Forestry, arboriculture, tree physiology, urban forestry)

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Andrew Kulmatiski

Dr. Andrew Kulmatiski

Assistant Professor (Plant-Soil Interactions)

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James Long

Dr. James N. Long

Professor (Stand dynamics, forest production ecology, silviculture)

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Dr. Jim Lutz

Assistant Professor (Forest community ecology, fire ecology, forest demography)

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Dan MacNulty

Dr. Daniel R. MacNulty

Assistant Professor (Wildlife ecology)

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Darren McAvoy

Darren J. McAvoy

Extension Assistant Professor (Director of the Utah Forest Landowner Educ. Program and Chair of the Utah Biomass Resources Group)

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Terry Messmer

Dr. Terry A. Messmer

Professor, Extension Wildlife Specialist, Director Jack H. Berryman Institute and Utah Community-Base Conservation Program

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Karen Mock

Dr. Karen E. Mock

 Professor (Genetics)

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Doug Ramsey

Dr. R. Douglas Ramsey

Professor (Remote sensing, geographic information systems, landscape ecology, spatial analysis)

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Geno Schupp

Dr. Eugene W. Schupp

Professor (Plant ecology, restoration ecology)

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Eric Thacker

Dr. Eric Thacker

Assistant Professor (Rangelands, shrub ecology, habitat, grazing, fire)

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Helga Van Miegroet

Dr. Helga Van Miegroet

Professor (Nutrient cycling, ecology, soils)

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Kari Veblen

Dr. Kari E. Veblen

Assistant Professor (Plant community ecology, livestock-wildlife-plant interactions, restoration)

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Juan Villabla

Dr. Juan J. Villalba

Associate Professor (Foraging behavior)

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Julie Young

Dr. Julie Young

Associate Professor (USDA National Wildlife Research Center, wildlife ecology)

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