Beaver Ecology & Relocation Center

The Beaver Ecology & Relocation Center was founded to improve and support the practice of relocating beaver to improve degraded riverscapes. We provide live trapping, transport, and care of nuisance beaver and release to locations where they are desired. The center includes the Beaver Bunkhouse, a holding facility and transport trailer designed to facilitate a safe and secure relocation process. Additionally, we conduct research to better understand beaver behavior and habitat requirements to improve the success that beaver will stay and survive in their new environment.

Partnering with Beaver

Beaver play an important role in riverscape health. Find out more on how beaver are helping to restore degraded rivers.

Three beaver bunkhouse side by side
About the Beaver Bunkhouse

The 'Beaver Bunkhouse' is the facility where beaver are housed during the relocation process.  Find out more about how we house and relocate nuisance beaver here.

Three beaver swimming in a stream
Living with Beaver

Find resources and recommendations for benefiting from beaver on your property, while minimizing damage.

Beaver in a fence wire trap
Trapping & Relocating Beaver

If living with beaver on your property isn't a workable solution, explore options here for live-trapping and relocating beaver.

News from the Bunkhouse

A New Home

Last week, volunteers from the #USUAggies @beaverbunkhouse relocated a recently-trapped beaver family in the high Uintas. The center offers landowners grappling with problem animals an alternative to lethal trapping

Find us. Open by appointment only!

We are located in Millville, UT. Please let us know if you are planning to visit us; as we are a locked facility and not open to the general public. To arrange a visit, please contact us through our website. If you are a volunteer or have an appointment to meet us, you can get directions by clicking on the map below.

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