Partnering with Beaver

Benefits of Beaver

Beaver are ecological engineers. They create ponds that help retain water and allow the water to recharge aquifers-essential to mitigate the effects of climate change and drought.

Beaver provide many ecological benefits by creating and enhancing wetland ecosystems that provide habitat for fish, birds, moose, insects, and many other animals.

Beavers as 'Ecosystem Engineers'
Top down view of a river with a dam
Beavers, those industrious creatures of nature, possess a remarkable ability to shape their environment in profound ways. With their unmatched engineering skills, they construct ponds that serve multiple invaluable purposes. These ponds not only slow down the flow of water but also act as natural filters, purifying it in the process.

The beaver-built ponds also act as reservoirs effectively storing water and preventing excessive runoff, thereby, mitigating the risks of floods downstream. However, the significance of their pond-building endeavors extends far beyond mere hydrological benefits.

By creating these watery habitats, beavers inadvertently give birth to thriving wetland ecosystems. These wetlands become sanctuaries for a diverse array of critters, providing them with shelter, food, and breeding grounds. In this way, beavers assume the roles of architects, hydrologists, and ecologists all at once, harmoniously weaving together the intricate tapestry of nature's interconnectedness.

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What is Beaver Dam Analog?
A newly relocated beaver inspecting his 'starter home' BDA
BDAs (beaver dam analogs) are built to initially mimic a natural beaver dam (i.e., back water upstream such that a pond is created) but most BDAs are intended to promote beaver dam activity at some point, thereafter.  

A BDA is useful in trying to establish beaver where they may not currently be (but where suitable habitat exists) and may enhance the environment. Beaver relocation is more successful if there is already a beginning of a beaver dam so that they can immediately hide and eat before they need to start building a home and looking for food.