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BNR Update 1

Chris Luecke


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QCNR Faculty and Staff,


I will try to keep you updated on progress and plans for the BNR remodeling project during the coming year.  I will likely send out an update each Wednesday morning via email and then archive these emails in a blog on the QCNR website.


Aug. 22 - Jacobson Construction indicated that due to increases in material and labor costs, the project is about $4M over budget.  The VCBO architects are reworking plans to determine what this might mean for the project design.  We will know more in a couple of weeks.


-  The plans for changes in the NR parking lot are listed below in the email for Jason Woolley.   I am trying to reduce the footprint of their construction management operations, but so far have not had success.  We need to prepare for the proposed changes unless the university allows Jacobson to use some of the BNR courtyard as a staging area for trailers and materials.  

    People using the electric car charging stations will have access to the charging station adjacent to the USU Welcome Center during the project duration.


Chris Luecke




We will be moving the JCC Construction Trailer from the USU Life Parking area to the Lot East of BNR or north of the Natural Resources Bldg.   We will be tearing down the trailer on Sept 6 & 7th then moving the trailers to the lot on Saturday the 9th.  Trailer set up will take a few days and should be back in use by Wed Sept 12th.  We will need to block off the entire lot to get the trailers in and out of there, so all cars will need to be out of there Friday night Sept 7th.  We will be setting up temp fence to block off access to the parking area Saturday morning as well.  Temp Construction Fence will go in place sometime during September.  If we don’t need the entire lot, we will look at moving the fence back and letting staff park there until January when BNR construction begins


We will be finishing out concrete and asphalt in USU Life parking thru the end of Sept with a seal and stripe of the lot.  This lot will remain closed to Staff and Student traffic thru the month of Oct.  We should be open most of the lot back up to staff parking around Nov 1st  We will still need access to stalls for continued construction and delivery access.  JCC will set up Temp Fence to try and allow both USU and JCC to use the lot thru that month.  By Nov 20th the lot will turned over to USU for full use.


See attached Map for Set Up and use of parking lot east of BNR (Site Map #1), it was also discussed with Parking Services that during construction we would take over the stalls on the south side of the Janet Quinney Lawson Bldg.  Because of tight turning radius and access to BNR site, JCC will block off these stalls or use them for construction parking or staging.  This should prevent damage to vehicles that would normally park here.  (See Site Map #2)  We will not start using these stalls until mid January 2019, so staff can continue to park in them, until then.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.





Jayson Woolley

Project Manager,  LEED® AP