Business Service Center

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How To Get It Done: QCNR Procedures and Policies

Credit Card

P-Card Procedures

When and how to use a USU-issued purchasing card and how to document and submit receipts.

Rolling Suitcase

Travel Procedures

How to document travel, hotel, airline and conference purchases, & receive reimbursements.


Vehicles and Mileage Logs

Info on the vehicle service center. How to document mileage on personal vehicle.


Hiring Processes

How to work through the hiring process for new benefited, non-benefited, and hourly employees.

Proposal Preparation

Proposal Preparation

Preparing and submitting a project proposal and working with the Sponsored Programs office.


Course Fee Review

The process for course fees when other funding support for a specific course is inadequate or unavailable.

Shopping Cart

Amazon Purchases with EZ-Buy

Making a purchase on the Amazon website through the USU procurement system.

Hand Holding Dollar

Graduate Tuition in Grants

New graduate tuition policy for external grants is effective November 1, 2023



Human Resources

Helpful Information

New Employees
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Current Employees
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Managers & Supervisors
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Business Services Staff: Areas of Responsibility

We are located in Quinney Library 302

Alisha Beus

Senior Financial Officer

Photo of Alisha Beus

Office Location: QL 302E
Phone: 435-797-7900

College Financial Oversight
• Budget/Financial Review
• Differential Tuition
• Donation/Endowment Fund
• Startups
• Position evaluations/salary increases
• Amazon Business Account Admin

Jaci Egbert

Business Manager II

Office Location: QL302C
Phone: 435-797-1513

Wildland Resource
Dean's Office
Departmental Index Management
• Index Review & Reconciliation
Grant & Contract Management
• Grant Review & Reconciliation
Kuali Proposals
EZ-Buy Cart Review

Lauren McFadden

Business Assistant II

Office Location: QL 303
Phone: 435-797-9818

Wildland Resource
Dean's Office
Graduate Tuition Payment Process
Non-Qualified Scholarship Payment
Scholarships & Endowments
Graduate Tuition Waivers
EZ-Buy Open Orders
Journal Vouchers
Labor Redistributions
Financial Report Managment

Kayleen Rich

Business Assistant III

Office Location: QL 303
Phone: 435-797-1119

Watershed Sciences
Environment and Society
Kuali Proposals
Grant & Contract Tracking
EZ-Buy Purchases/Open Orders
Journal Vouchers
Labor Redistributions

Anna Erekson

Business Assistant III

Office Location: QL302B
Phone: (435) 797-1120

Dean & Academic College Units
• Hiring, EPAFs, Onboarding
• New Position Requests & Searches
• Graduate Assistantship
• Hiring & Payroll
• Extra Service Comp Facilitator
• AggieTime & MyTime Leave
• Handshake & ICIMS Job Postings
• I-9 Processing
• Key/Access Control

Jayne Hamblin

Business Assistant III

Office Location: QL 308
Phone: 435-797-1126

• Dean & Academic College Units
• Travel Coordinator
• P-Card Receipt Attacher
• Deposits, Revenue Reconciliation
• PayPal Reconciliation
• Vehicle Service Center
• Non-Capital Inventory
• Cash Handling
• Fundraising & Student Clubs 

Cameron Clark

Student Employee



Megyn Staten

Student Employee