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BNR Remodel

    Remodeling the Quinney BNR Building 

We have a tremendous opportunity to conduct a remodeling project on the Quinney Biology and Natural Resources Building during the next couple of years. Utah State University has put this remodeling project as a linked priority with the new Biology Building for funding from the State of Utah in their legislative appropriation. The Quinney College of Natural Resources will need to raise approximately $3 million dollars in matching money (out of a $19 million total budget) to renovate classrooms, teaching laboratories, and research laboratories. 

BNR Remodel Rendering

Completion of this project will help us become partners with the Governor’s Office initiative to increase Utah citizens with degrees in the sciences, and assist us in our research and extension missions. We ask that you consider donating to this very worthy cause. This project will be our highest fundraising goal for the next few years.   

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