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QCNR Newsletters

The Quinney College of Natural Resources has a proud tradition of housing talented professors and students who are consistent contributors to the bettering of our world through the various natural resources disciplines. The QCNR Newsletter is one of the ways that we can highlight the accomplishments and happenings of QCNR faculty, students and alumni. Every semester we look forward to sharing the activities and happenings of our ever growing QCNR community.

The Quinney College of Natural Resources Newsletter was first published in June of 2007 and contains news and information concerning the College.  The QCNR Newsletter will be now published Spring Summer and Fall starting Spring Semester 2016. Previously, the newsletter was published every month during the school year. The newsletter will still be distributed via email. To be part of the QCNR Newsletter distribution list, please select the subscribe button below or send a valid email address to Traci Hillyard at

If you have a great story about current and former members of the QCNR, you can select the Submit Story Idea button below. 

Spring 2020-Volume 13

Spring 2020 newsletter

Fall 2019-Volume 12

Fall 2019 newsletter

Spring 2019-Volume 10

Spring 2019 newsletter

Fall 2018-Volume 9

Fall 2018 newsletter

Spring 2018-Volume 7

Spring 2018 newsletter

Fall 2017-Volume 6

Fall 2017 newsletter

Spring 2017-Volume 4

January 2017 newsletter

Fall 2016-Volume 3

Fall Newsletter 2016

Spring 2016-Volume 1

January 2015 newsletter

Newsletter Archives

QCNR Newsletters from the 1970s until 2015. Click the buttons below each date to access the .pdf versions of newsletters from years past.