Proposal Development Resources

Katie Dana

Katie Dana, Proposal Development Specialist

Quinney College of Natural Resources
College of Veterinary Medicine

Phone: (435) 797-1202
Office Location: NR 110A

I'm available to assist you with a variety of proposal and funding tasks. Please first review the information below and complete the Proposal Assistance Request form at the link, or contact me with additional questions.

Proposal Assistance Request


  • Assistance with proposal applications
    • Preparing individual application forms
    • Budget development
    • Compliance with USU requirements and sponsor guidelines
    • Gathering required documents for submission
    • Overseeing coordination with other departments and institutions (subawards, consultants, collaborations, etc) to gather documents for large-scale proposals
  • Assistance with Kuali
    • Entering budget
    • S2S submissions (
    • Internal routing and approvals
  • Seeking funding opportunities
  • Editing non-narrative text (e.g. biosketch, budget justification, facilities, etc.)
  • Budget development
    • Considering anticipated project needs and USU requirements
    • Including faculties & administrative (F&A) rates
    • Current salary and fringe rates
    • Appropriate categorization of budget items (equipment, participant support costs, sub-awards, etc.)
  • Proposal submission
    • Assembling complete application package for submission
    • Uploading documents to sponsor portal (, ASSIST, etc.)
    • Obtaining appropriate subaward documentation

Suggested Proposal Development Lead Times

Single PI Projects


Month Before Internal Deadline

Multiple PI/Unit Projects


Months Before Internal Deadline



Months Before Internal Deadline


Minimum Submission Lead Time
All Proposals should be submitted to SPO for review a MINIMUM OF FOUR full working business days (not including weekends or holidays) prior to the sponsor deadline requirement. More Information
Indirect Cost Rate Policy

Indirect Costs should be calculated using USU's full negotiated rate on sponsored projects. USU may consider a reduction in or waiver of indirect costs when:

  • The sponsor's publicly published policy or statute restricts or prohibits reimbursement of USU's full indirect cost rate.
  • Approval is provided by the PO's/PD's Department Head and College Dean
  • The PI wishes to seek an internal reduction or waiver of indirect costs. They must obtain approval of Department Head and College Dean and provide the Internal Waiver of Indirect Cost Form in the proposal entry in Kuali.


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