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The Center for Colorado River Studies at Utah State University is a nexus for innovative research, teaching, and outreach that informs management of the Colorado River and other major rivers of the American Southwest. We undertake critical studies that inform how different parts of the Colorado River and its tributaries can be effectively managed, train future researchers and managers who will be responsible for tomorrow's Colorado River, and provide education and training to stakeholders to support informed and focused decision making. Because the water available to restore the Colorado River ecosystem is increasingly limited, we are especially interested in research and outreach to inform the very difficult decisions about priority locations and actions that provide the best opportunity for significant restoration success.

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Sediment Delivery to Lake Powell and Lake Mead

The Colorado River has one of the largest natural sediment loads of any large river in the United States. In 1936, Hoover Dam was completed, thereby beginning the filling of Lake Mead and the trapping of the upstream sediment load. In 1963, Glen Canyon Da...