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Get to Know Our Rivers 2021: Flaming Gorge and the Gates of Lodore

In August 2021 we launched the first Get to Know Our Rivers trip. We began with a guided tour of Flaming Gorge Dam, and hit the water at Lodore Canyon on the Green River, the chief tributary of the Colorado River. See photos above of the tour, the launch, and a few of the valuable conversations between collaborators on the trip. 
Rising 502 feet above bedrock, Flaming Gorge Dam impounds waters of the Green River to form the reservoir, which extends as far as 91 miles to the north. The reservoir has a total capacity of 3,788,900 acre-feet. At full elevation of 6,045 feet, it has a surface area of 42,020 acres.

The 502 foot-high thin-arch concrete Flaming Gorge dam is located on the Green River in northeastern Utah about 32 miles downstream from the Utah-Wyoming border. There are three generating units in the Flaming Gorge Powerplant, with a total installed capacity of about 150 megawatts. The powerplant produces approximately 500,000,000 kilowatt hours of energy annually which is enough to serve about 50,000 households. The power produced by Flaming Gorge Powerplant is distributed by the Western Area Power Administration to Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nebraska, and Nevada.

The Gates of Lodore section of the Green River starts out in the northwestern corner of Colorado and flows through Dinosaur National Monument in Utah. It features deep, high desert gorges, the geological chaos of Echo Park and Whirlpool Canyon, and flat desert plains of eastern Utah.