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Future of Powell Forum


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Scenic image of Lake Powell, Utah.

The Future of Lake Powell Forum

A forum discussion on what politics, policy, and climate change have in store for Lake Powell.

Join us, and a panel of experts, to start a conversation about long-term issues associated with management of Lake Powell. Since the Colorado River began filling Glen Canyon in 1963, the future of Lake Powell has been up for discussion. Climate change, politics and water-use policy all now factor into the fate of this vast reservoir in southern Utah. 

Thursday, February 20, 6:00 pm
Historic Star Hall, Moab, Utah
Free and open to the public!

We'll Discuss:

  • The Glen Canyon that was -- exploring the canyon before the dam
  • Sediment issues in Lake Powell
  • Fish of Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon
  • Reservoir management & operation of Colorado River for water supply
  • Evaporation and seepage losses
  • Panel: The Future of Lake Powell

Our Experts:

     Kim Dibble, Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center, USGS
     Scott Hynek, Utah Water Science Center,USGS
     Jack Schmidt, Center for Colorado River Studies, Utah State University
     Roy Webb, Author and river historian
     Eric Kuhn, Colorado River Water Conservation District
     John Weisheit, Living Rivers
     Matt Rice, American Rivers
     Mike DeHoff, Returning Rapids of Cataract Canyon
     Alan Kasprak, Watershed Sciences, Utah State University
     Eric Balken, Glen Canyon Institute