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Powell 150 Events from SCREE



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Powell 150 anniversary2019 marks the 150th anniversary of John Wesley Powell's 1869 expedition. 

We'd like to share with you a number of outstanding and thought provoking projects, resources, articles and events that celebrate JWP's Sesquicentennial:

  • At this spring's GTS, you would have heard professor Tom Minckley from the University of Wyoming presentation about the Sesquicentennial Colorado River Exploring Expedition (SCREE), that subsequently launched from Green River, WY on May 24th, for a 70 day, 1000 miles+ journey through the Colorado River Basin. Learn more about the SCREE expedition that includes academics, graduate students, artists, authors and journalists.
  • Check out amazing events as the SCREE trip proceeds downriver!   
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  • There will be a multi-author volume prepared in conjunction with the SCREE project.  Check here to find out more about it and who the amazing lineup of contributing authors will be.  
  • There are art installations associated with the SCREE project.  
  • You can check out this USGS website for resources and educational materials for teachers (including games for kids!) related to the 150th anniversary of the Powell Expedition.
  • Check out this excellent article from the Earth & Space Science News (EOS) entitled, Green and Grand: John Wesley Powell and the West that Wasn't

Powell's cautionary words about Manifest Destiny, rapid development, and water in the West fell on deaf ears at the time, but have profound relevance for today. As an article in Smithsonian Magazine concluded, "This is one-armed scientist-explorer threw down a gauntlet that remains essential and important for the time we live in. Not only for the drought and water shortage now afflicting the West, but for the larger world of climate change. While cautionary, it also offers a clear way forward."