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Dr. Mark W. Brunson

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Office Hours: By Appointment
Office Location: NR 216
Phone: (435) 797-2458
Email: mark.brunson@usu.edu
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Dr. Brunson is a professor of Human-Environment Interactions whose research and teaching focuses on the dynamics of social-ecological systems, especially in rangelands and deserts. He is interested in the causes and consequences of human behaviors for natural environments, and how those behaviors are influenced by people’s perceptions of change in nature. His current research looks at ecological restoration and wildfire risk reduction in the West at a time of changing climate and growing human populations. A USU faculty member since 1992, Dr. Brunson holds M.S. and PhD degrees from the College of Forestry at Oregon State University.


ENVS 3600 – Living with Wildlife
ENVS 6300 – Conservation Psychology
ENVS 6410 – Translational Ecology
ENVS 6841 – The Social-Environmental Research Process

Graduate Students

Carmen Calzado Martinez- Ph.D. Environment and Society
Leanna DeJong- Ph.D. Environment and Society
Trisha Hedin- Ph.D. Environment and Societ

Other Departmental and Program Affiliations

Canyonlands Research Center
Ecology Center
Institute for Outdoor Recreation & Tourism
Sagebrush Steppe Treatment Evaluation Project (SageSTEP)

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