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Dr. Daniel MacNulty

Dr. Daniel MacNulty

Wildland Resources

Associate Professor

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Office Hours: Office Location NR 330
IconPhone: 435-797-7442


I work at the interface of animal behavior, population biology, and community ecology to address basic and applied questions in animal ecology and conservation. Two themes define my current research: (1) how predators structure food webs and modify ecosystem function, and (2) how populations at the edge of a species range respond to environmental change. I study large mammals in ecosystems that range from the montane slopes of northern Utah to the polar deserts of the High Arctic. Much of my research centers on a long-term, collaborative study of wolves and ungulates in Yellowstone National Park.

MacNulty Animal Ecology Lab

Elaine Brice - PhD
Michel Kohl - PhD
Samuel Robertson - MS
Lacy Smith - PhD

WILD/BIOL 5580 - Mammalogy
WILD 6400 - Ecology of Animal Populations

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