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Dr. Daniel MacNulty

Dr. Daniel MacNulty

Wildland Resources

Associate Professor

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Office Hours: Office Location NR 330
IconPhone: 435-797-7442


My research goal is to advance understanding about the role of predators as forces that structure food webs and modify ecosystem function. I am particularly interested in how the effects of predators in large-scale terrestrial ecosystems are modified by anthropogenic impacts such as hunting and climate warming. The empirical focus of my research is a long-term, collaborative study of carnivores, ungulates, and woody-deciduous plants in northern Yellowstone National Park. I have studied this ecosystem since 1995, progressively increasing my scope of inference from the behavioral ecology of individual wolves to the community ecology of interacting wolf, elk, and aspen populations. I aim to leverage insights from this ecosystem to resolve broader debates about the forces the structure natural systems, determine species abundances, and deliver ecosystem services.

MacNulty Animal Ecology Lab

Brian Smith - PhD
Sam Robertson - MS
Bonnie McDonald - MS

WILD/BIOL 5580 - Mammalogy
WILD 6400 - Ecology of Animal Populations

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