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Dr. R. Douglas Ramsey

Dr. R. Douglas Ramsey

Wildland Resources


Contact Information

Office Hours: Office Location NR 355A
IconPhone: 435-797-3783


My background is in rangeland resources management and landscape ecology with an emphasis in remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems. My teaching focuses on applications of remote sensing to natural resource issues and my research addresses monitoring of landscapes to detect changes in land cover using remotely sensed imagery.

I have been actively engaged in remote sensing and GIS since 1985 in a variety of application fields from urban growth to geology and, of course, natural resource management. 

I am currently the Director of the Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory at the Utah State University, College of Natural Resources. 

Jose Fagua - PhD
Chris McGinty - PhD
Seth Price - PhD
Thomas Thompson - MS

WILD 5750/6750 - Applied Remote Sensing
WILD 6740 - Physical Processes in Remote Sensing

Curriculum Vitae

Research Links:
Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory
Ecology Center