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Dr. Mariya Shcheglovitova

Dr. Mariya Shcheglovitova

Environment and Society

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Location: NR 138
IconPhone: 435-797-0955

Research Interests

environmental justice, housing, human-nature interactions, queer ecology, urban and feminist political ecology, waste, counter-mapping

Research Activities

I am a human geographer with interests that span environmental and social justice, urban political ecology, cultural geography, and the environmental humanities. The themes motivating my research are the politics of urban sustainability, practices of wasting and valuing, everyday struggles over land and resources, and how people’s relationships with nature contribute to spatial patterns of social inequalities. My work weaves together disciplinary threads from community engaged research, feminist and queer theory, science and technology studies, and political ecology to ask questions about the governance of environmental resources. I am particularly interested in drawing on critical theories and counter practices that re-imagine human-environment relationships to foreground excluded people and experiences. My previous research has investigated urban greening, housing justice, and plant and animal death. My ongoing research explores how land, bodies, and resources are rendered marginal and manageable. I am currently developing a project researching waste and cleaning in Utah’s public spaces. Grounded in case studies of mine remediation, wastewater treatment, and human waste on public lands, this project explores the roles that revulsion and disgust play in governing environmental resources.


I am currently seeking Undergrad, Master’s, and Doctoral students who are interested in using qualitative and mixed methods to research topics related to urban inequality, urban greening, waste and toxicity, housing, land justice, and environmental management.

Recent Publications

*Undergraduate student co-author

Shcheglovitova M. (Accepted). Dawn of the lively dead: Living queerly with rot in the sustainable city. Social and Cultural Geography.

Brown M.* and Shcheglovitova M. (2021). What happened to Franklin Square Park?: People, Trees, and Environmental Justice. The Professional Geographer 7(1): 14-25.

Shcheglovitova M. (2020). Valuing plants in devalued spaces: Caring for Baltimore’s street trees. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space 3(1):228-245.

Pitas J. and Shcheglovitova M. (2019). Discourse, bodies, and the production of space: Challenging the (re)production of more-than-human deathscapes. Human Geography 12(2):18-35.