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Dr. Jordan Smith

Dr. Jordan Smith

Environment & Society

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Hours: By Appointment, Office Location: BNR 289
Phone: 435-797-9174


Jordan W. Smith is the Director of the Institute of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environment and Society. His research examines how humans make behavioral and planning adaptations in response to rapidly changing environmental conditions. He uses stated preference experiments, geospatial modeling and immersive virtual environments to understand contingent behaviors and preferences. Jordan earned his Ph.D. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management with minors in both Geospatial Information Science and Technology and Sociology from NC State. Before moving to Raleigh, Jordan completed both his master's and undergraduate degrees from Utah State. Off-campus, Jordan is an active cyclist and motorcyclist enthusiast. 

Curriculum Vitae

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