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Dr. Kari E. Veblen

Dr. Kari E. Veblen

Wildland Resources

Associate Professor

Contact Information

Office Hours: Office Location NR 332
IconPhone: 435-797-3970


Dr. Veblen's research interests span a broad range of topics focusing largely on the ecology of western U.S. shrubland/grassland systems and African savannas. Specific topics include plant community ecology, plant-herbivore interactions, livestock-wild ungulate interactions, and restoration ecology. Kari's work is primarily field-based with an emphasis on experimental and multi-site approaches to elucidating ecological phenomena and their underlying mechanisms. Her research emphasizes multi-use landscapes (both public and private) that are managed simultaneously for wildlife conservation and sustainable livestock production, with the ultimate goal of informing sustainable management of rangeland ecosystems.

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Graduate Students
Sofia Koutzoukis - PhD
Josh Day - PhD
McKenna Delton - MS
Spencer Good - MS
Maria Stahl - PhD


WILD 4750 - Monitoring and Assessment in Natural Resource and Environmental Management
WILD 6700 - Restoration Ecology

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