Dr. Marc Mayes

Watershed Sciences

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Marc Mayes

Contact Information

Office Location: NR 322
Phone: 813-326-5849
Email: m.mayes@usu.edu
Additional Information:

Ecosystems and Remote Sensing Scientist
Spatial Informatics Group-Natural Assets Laboratory (SIG-NAL)
Landscape Domain Lead, Santa Barbara Regional Wildfire Mitigation Program (RWMP)
Email: mmayes@sig-nal.org

Research Associate
Earth Research Institute, University of California-Santa Barbara
Office: 5836 Ellison Hall, University of California-Santa Barbara, 93106
Email: mmayes@ucsb.edu

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Utah State University
Department of Watershed Sciences
Email: m.mayes@usu.edu

Summary: Professional and Research Interests

I am an interdisciplinary Earth scientist (Geology; Biogeochemistry; Hydrology; Ecology) and remote sensing expert.  My projects address how vegetation community productivity, water and nutrient use (1) mediates natural ecosystem processes, and (2) responds to environmental change and disturbances, such as land-use activities, insect invasions, drought and wildfire.  I work in forests, woodlands and riparian ecosystems of western North America and East Africa. Technology training and outreach, to expand capacities of local governments and community groups to use automated environmental sensor data, remote sensing data and their analyses for locally-based ecosystem monitoring, is a core part of my work.  My current projects include leadership of regional vegetation management efforts for wildfire hazard mitigation in Santa Barbara County, CA (Santa Barbara RWMP – https://rwmpsantabarbara.org/). I am also an Ecosystems Scientist at Spatial Informatics Group-Natural Assets Laboratory (SIG-NAL: https://www.sig-nal.org/copy-of-group) and Research Associate at University of California-Santa Barbara.