Dr. Sarah Null

Watershed Sciences

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Dr. Sarah Null

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Office Hours: By Appointment
Office Location: NR 354
Phone: (435) 797-1338
Email: sarah.null@usu.edu
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Dr Null studies environmental water management. The question motivating her research, teaching, and service is how can aquatic habitats and ecosystems be protected and enhanced while maintaining human water uses? She and her students are interested in three broad and inter-connected themes:

  1. tradeoffs between human and environmental water uses
  2. hydroclimate change and adaptations, and
  3. saline lake management

Systems modeling, mathematical modeling, and field studies are methods she uses to improve understanding of systems and explore promising solutions to problems.  Her research informs river restoration and water resources decision-making for water sustainability in an uncertain future.

More information is available at sarahnull.org about opportunities in her group, current research, teaching, news articles, and publications.


WATS 4600 / 6600 – Environmental Water Management (Fall)
GEOG 1000 - Physical Geography (Fall)
GEOG 1005 - Physical Geography Lab (Fall)
WATS 6900 – Big Ideas in Watershed Sciences (Spring)
CAS 6001 – Climate Adaptation Science Academy Colloquium (Spring)

Current Graduate Students

Ali Farshid – PhD Watershed Sciences
Greg Goodrum – PhD Watershed Sciences
Gabriela Sancho Juárez – PhD Watershed Sciences
Christina Morrisett – PhD Watershed Sciences
Ratha Sor – Post-doctoral scholar
Eryn Turney – MS Ecology

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