Dr. Timothy Walsworth

Watershed Sciences / Ecology Center

Assistant Professor

Dr. Timothy Walsworth

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Office Hours: By Appointment
Office Location: BNR 283
Email: timothy.walsworth@usu.edu
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My lab studies how fishes and aquatic communities respond to spatio-temporal changes in environmental and management conditions, as well as how managers and stakeholders can best manage ecosystems while accounting for unavoidable uncertainties. We combine field data collections with empirical and simulation modeling approaches to explore how fish populations and aquatic ecosystems are likely to respond to alternative management approaches under uncertain future conditions, providing valuable guidance to managers and stakeholders.


I received my doctorate from the University of Washington in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, where I examined the impact of predation and commercial fishery structure on the productivity and profitability of a sockeye salmon fishery in Alaska. I received my MS from Utah State University and my BS from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Prior to joining the faculty at USU, I was a postdoc at USU where I examined the effects of interannual hydrologic variation on the productivity of endangered desert fishes, as well as the effectiveness of large-scale invasive species removal efforts. I previously completed a postdoc at the University of Washington where I explored how accounting for evolution changes the prioritization of management actions.


WATS 3100 - Fish Diversity and Conservation
WATS 3110 - Fish Diversity Lab
WATS 6900 - Parameter Estimation and Modeling for Natural Resource Management