Alec Arditti

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Ph.D. Watershed Science

Alec Arditti

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Alec Arditti is a Ph.D. student within the Watershed Sciences department working with faculty mentors Dr. Patrick Belmont and Dr. Brendan Murphy. A New Jersey native, he studied Environmental Science and GIS at the University of Maryland. Upon graduating, Alec immediately set off for California to “explore bigger mountains”. After a brief stint researching fire ecology, he worked for 6 years in a slew of stormwater hydrology positions. This experience, coupled with the encroaching drought and wildfires, spawned a fascination with the functioning of burned watersheds. At Utah State, Alec is researching how post-wildfire wood and geomorphology dynamics impact sediment transport within stream networks. He hopes this research will better protect water resources and aquatic populations in the West. In his free time as well as work time, Alec enjoys studying maps, being outside and munching on Trader Joe's snacks.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patrick Belmont