Molly Blakowski

Watershed Sciences

Ph.D. Watershed Science

Molly Blakowski
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Molly Blakowski is PhD student in Watershed Science and a Pathways Physical Scientist at the USGS Utah Water Science Center. Her research is focused on dust: where it comes from, where it goes, what it’s made of, and how it affects people and ecosystems. She earned her BS and MS degrees from the University of Michigan’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, where she used radiogenic isotopes to investigate paleodust records in Antarctica and modern dust deposition in the western US. After a handful of years working in the private sector and teaching geology at Detroit-area community colleges, Molly returned to the world of dust geochemistry to work with Dr. Janice Brahney in 2019. When she’s not collecting dust around the Great Salt Lake, Molly spends time gardening, hiking, and climbing. She is also devoted to sexual assault prevention and awareness and believes that Black Lives Matter.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janice Brahney