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Jes Braun

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Jes Braun is an Ecology MS student advised by Dr. Karin Kettenring. Their research focuses on the restoration of wetlands in highly impacted lake systems. Jes received their BS in Ecology from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities where they conducted undergraduate research in forest ecology, native pollinator ecology, and urban limnology. Post graduation, Jes became a Minnesota Master Naturalist and Master Water Steward. They served with the Minnesota GreenCorps, an environmentally focused AmeriCorps program where they hired goats to munch down invasive species, designed and installed an educational rain garden, and created BMPs for surface water bodies around Minneapolis. It was through this work that they cultivated their passion for ecological restoration. When Jes isn’t working in the swamps of Utah, they can be found staring at their hoard of house plants, dog sitting, or getting swept up in elaborate painting and baking projects.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karin Kettenring