Tyler Coleman

Watershed Sciences

Master of Ecological Restoration

Tyler Coleman

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Email: tyler.coleman@usu.edu


Tyler Coleman is a recent graduate from Utah State University having earned a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. In an effort to approach stream restoration from an ecological community perspective he is now pursuing a Master of Ecological Restoration degree. Tyler’s goal is to become a project manager for Trout Unlimited (TU) focused on protecting, recovering, and reconnecting cold water habitat for native trout populations while also participating in the TU Science team.

During his time as an undergraduate, Tyler worked four seasons as an intern for TU under the Fisheries Restoration Coordinator of the Western Water & Habitat Program, Jim DeRito, which has earned him a position under DeRito as the Bear River Watershed Technician. As part of his internship, Tyler published his undergraduate research with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources titled, Angler Catch Rates, Opinions, and Abiotic Variable Relationships in the Lower Logan River, Utah, with co-authors Jim DeRito, Chris Penne, Gary Thiede, and Dr. Phaedra Budy.

In addition to this work, Tyler has spent the last six years involved with Western Native Trout Initiative starting as a volunteer and working his way up to managing their Western Native Trout Challenge program. Tyler also works as a professional fly fishing guide, fly fishing angler, and conservation ambassador for multiple outdoor brands working to better engage anglers and public land users with the fisheries science and conservation world. As a board member of the Cache Anglers TU Chapter and serving 4 years as President of the USU Backcountry Hunters and Anglers collegiate chapter, Tyler has connected with his local community through conservation projects, river clean ups, public outreach and engagement, project fundraising by hosting four International Fly Fishing Film Festivals, and youth mentorship with TU during the Trout in the Classroom and Kids Fly Fishing Camp programs. Tyler believes that through public engagement and collaborative effort we can become better stewards of our wild places and those who inhabit them.

When he’s not on the river for work, Tyler most often has a fly rod in hand chasing native trout with his wife Anastasia, and their children in tow, across the west or can be found hunting upland birds with his English Setter.

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