Rae Fadlovich

Watershed Sciences

M.S. Ecology

Rae Fadlovich

Contact Information

Email: rae.fadlovich@usu.edu


Rae Fadlovich is an MS student in the Ecology and Watershed Sciences program working with Dr. Timothy Walsworth. Rae grew up on the West Coast and graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Conservation Biology and Ecology and a BA in English Literature. After graduating, Rae spent a year in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. She has also worked with amphibians and native fish in Arizona, Montana, and Utah. She is particularly interested in utilizing quantitative models to support native fisheries and aquatic invasive species management. Her current research examines the distribution of juvenile common carp in Utah Lake and evaluates their susceptibility to different removal gears. This work will be used to inform large-scale carp removal methods on Utah Lake in support of the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program. In her free time, Rae likes to read, cook, and get out on the water.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Timothy Walsworth