Lauren Herbine

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Lauren Herbine

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Lauren is an MS student in the Ecogeomorphology and Topographic Analysis Lab (ET-AL) working with Dr. Joe Wheaton, where she is developing a tool that will use national datasets to classify riverscapes. She grew up on her father's one-man sawmill operation in the Appalachian foothills of Virginia. A land crisscrossed by creeks, wetlands, roaring rivers, and coastal deltas, Virginia’s varied landscape was the perfect rearing ground for an aspiring watershed scientist. At The College of William & Mary, she studied geology and marine science, completing a thesis in coastal geomorphology that let her roam Virginia’s barrier islands, chatting with crusty fishermen while taking sediment cores in backbarrier marshes. After graduating she headed west, where she worked for the Forest Service in Oregon and Montana, served as a project coordinator for the Lolo Watershed Group, and worked for Trout Unlimited as their Sierra Field Technician. When not studying riverscapes of the Mississippi Watershed, she enjoys backpacking, cross country skiing, playing soccer and general adventuring. And petting dogs.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joe Wheaton