Manny May

Watershed Sciences

M.S. Fisheries Biology

Manny May

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Manny May is an Ecology MS student advised by Dr. Timothy Walsworth in the Department of Watershed Sciences. His thesis research examines environmental factors affecting the distribution of aquatic submerged vegetation in Utah Lake, and to determine the importance of aquatic vegetation to the lake's fish community. Utah Lake has experienced a myriad of anthropogenic disturbances for over a century, altering its historic ecosystem state and resulting in a loss of native plant and fish species. Thus, Manny's research will help to guide restoration strategies in an effort to restore Utah Lake's native plant and fish species. Manny earned his BS in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from Utah State University in 2019. Here, Manny accomplished two undergraduate research projects examining the foraging behavior of endangered June suckers endemic to Utah Lake and those derived from refuge populations. Manny's interests include fishing, hunting, and spending time outdoors.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Timothy Walsworth