Cat McClure

Watershed Sciences

Ph.D. Ecology

Cat McClure

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Cat is a PhD student and graduate research assistant working with Dr. Edd Hammill. Her dissertation research focuses on interspecific interactions, such as predator-prey dynamics in protist and macroinvertebrate communities. More broadly she is interested in aquatic community ecology and how anthropogenic impacts affect community structure and stability. Originally from Connecticut, Cat received a B.A. in both Environmental Science and Biology from Colby College where she researched nutrients and cyanobacteria in the Belgrade Lakes, Maine. After Colby, Cat worked as a graduate research assistant at Penn State researching the effects of contaminants on smallmouth bass in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed for her M.S. in Ecology. In addition to her academic research, Cat has also worked as an environmental and outdoor educator in Wyoming. In her free time, Cat enjoys running ultramarathons, backcountry skiing, brewing kombucha, and nature photography.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Edd Hammill