Meghan Slocombe

Watershed Sciences

M.S. Ecology

Meghan Slocombe

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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Karin Kettenring

Meghan Slocombe is an M.S. in Ecology student advised by Dr. Karin Kettenring in the Department of Watershed Sciences. Meghan's research focuses on restoring populations of native submerged and floating aquatic vegetation to Utah Lake. This research will guide future management in scalable techniques for aquatic plant restoration and help provide important habitat for Utah Lake's endemic June sucker. Meghan earned her B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she researched interactions between juvenile migratory fish and their freshwater food resources. Since graduating, she has surveyed Midwest prairies as a field technician, shared the wonders of Puget Sound with the public as an environmental educator, and worked to restore the health of urban streams in Boston as a watershed fellow. Meghan's long-term goal is to be a restoration scientist who engages community stakeholders while working to improve the health of local habitats. When Meghan isn't tromping around Utah's wetlands, she enjoys floating in her kayak with a good book, cooking tasty food, and crafting!