Eryn Turney

Watershed Sciences

M.S. Ecology

Eryn Turney

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Eryn is an MS student working with Dr. Sarah Null in the Aquatic Habitat, Climate, and Water Analysis Lab. Her research will compare and validate the accuracy and effectiveness of three models for predicting Bonneville cutthroat trout and bluehead sucker habitat on the lower Bear River. Originally from southwest Virginia, Eryn graduated from Virginia Tech in 2017 with her undergraduate degree in Natural Resources Conservation. She then moved to Fort Collins, CO to play outside in the Colorado mountains and streams, and pursue the abundant environmental job opportunities. Over 4 years there, she worked a variety of jobs with a common theme of field work combined with research and development or lab science. In free time, you'll find Eryn climbing, hiking, biking, or boating her way to a good view, listening to music, or taking care of her many plants.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Null