Jiahao Wen

Watershed Sciences

Ph.D. Ecology

Jiahao Wen

Contact Information

Email: jiahaowen93@gmail.com


Jiahao is a Ph.D. student working in the Environmental Biogeochemistry and Paleolimnology Lab with Dr. Janice Brahney. Jiahao is originally from Sichuan province, China. He received his BS in landscape architecture from Sichuan Agricultural University and MS in landscape architecture (ecology) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, in China. Jiahao has broad interests in global change ecology, limnology, geography, eco-design and public health. His past research focused on the use of plants in gardens and plant nutrients strategies in subtropical forest ecosystems. Now, he studies the influence of dust on lake ecosystems in the Western US., specifically the chemical constituents of dust and how they influence algal communities in mountain lakes. Jiahao enjoys traveling and cooking when he is not in the lab.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janice Brahney