Marshall Wolf

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Marshall Wolf

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Understanding Beaver Mediated Changes to Stream Habitat and Ecosystem Services across Spatial Scales


Marshall is a PhD Candidate working with Dr. Edd Hammill. His research is focused on understanding how beaver alter habitat for amphibians and fishes across different spatial scales whilst assessing the efficacy of beaver mimicking restoration techniques (such as beaver dam analogs). His research interests include stream restoration, riparian ecology, and food web dynamics. Marshall earned a BS in Ecosystem Science from Colorado State University in 2015. He then spent several years refining his research interests within stream ecology while working for UC Berkley, the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, and various environmental consulting agencies before joining the Department of Watershed Sciences and the Ecology Center at USU in 2018. In his free time, you'll find Marshall riding his mountain bike, skiing the Beav, or experimenting with new flavors in his home-brewery.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Edd Hammill