Dr. Juanma Olalla-Gonzales

Watershed Sciences

Postdoctoral Fellow

Juanma Olalla-Gonzales

Contact Information

Office Location: JQL 150
Phone: (435) 213-6539
Email: juan.gonzalezolalla@usu.edu


Juanma is a postdoctoral researcher from Granada, Spain, who graduated with a BS degree in Environmental Sciences and Master in Techniques and Sciences of water quality from the University of Granada. His interest in the important role of the microbial world in aquatic ecosystems led him to study how phytoplankton, and more concretely mixoplankton, is affected by the global change from an ecological and physiological perspective. Thus, he obtained his PhD in 2019 at the University of Granada (Spain) and Polytechnic University of Marche (Italy). Currently, he studies how increasing dust deposition can affect the metabolism and composition of primary producers, working with both lake samples and phytoplankton cultures, and trying to incorporate models that predict future responses.