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Welcome to the Department of Environment and Society - Where Science Meets Sustainability

We deliver undergraduate education in environmental studies, recreation resource management, geography, and geospatial information science. We deliver graduate education in interdisciplinary environmental social science, ecology, recreation resource management, geography, and environmental policy. Our researchers use the social, environmental, and interdisciplinary sciences to understand human-environment interactions at a range of spatial scales and to bring human considerations into natural resource and environmental management.

Our faculty promote people-centered solutions for sustainability transitions and for climate change adaptation, mitigation, and resilience. Together, we have expertise in various disciplines and fields, including archaeoecology; ecological economics; ecology; environmental, social, and behavioral sciences; geographic information science (GIS); human-environment geography; land change science; natural resource and environmental policy; and recreation resource management.

Values of community engagement inform our teaching, and we are USU-certified as a Community-Engaged Department. We also aspire to be inclusive in our teaching, research, and Extension practices, to forward the goals of socio-environmental justice, and to work towards greater diversity of community.

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For many years, Joe and Jessie Quinney demonstrated their support for the natural environment through their actions and resources. In their memory, the members of the S.J. and Jessie E. Quinney Foundation have provided a grant to ensure the Quinney's life...

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During the Fall and Spring Semesters, QCNR regularly hosts weekly seminars and webinars featuring academics and professionals in natural resources fields from around the world.