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Mission Statement


Department of Environment & Society - Bringing people and science together for healthy communities and enduring ecosystems

  1. Promote scholarship and creativity in the discovery, synthesis, and transfer of knowledge relating to the human dimensions of natural resource and environmental management;
  2. Apply social science concepts and approaches to better understand human-environment interactions at a range of spatial scales; and
  3. To enhance the effectiveness of policies, planning, and administrative processes that affect sustainable use of the natural world. 

To this end, the department’s academic programs provide undergraduate and graduate students with a balanced exposure to the social, physical, and biological sciences within an interdisciplinary framework.  This combination has great relevance for students aspiring to careers in natural resource and environmental policy, planning, management, education, and science, as well as careers in geography.  The program is designed to provide students with a working knowledge of the human aspects of ecosystems and a speaking knowledge of the biophysical aspects, as well as experience using “state of the art” tools and techniques for integrating this knowledge.