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Graduate Student Support

We prefer that all students in Environment and Society graduate programs are receiving a level of financial support that lets them concentrate on their research and course work.  Of course we are happy to accept qualified applicants who are supported by outside sources such as a government, an independent scholarship, family, or themselves.  However, since most students cannot afford to attend graduate school without assistance, we also offer research assistantships and a limited number of teaching assistantships.

Research assistantships are the most common means of departmental support.  These are paid through grants or contracts awarded to individual professors, and the number of available assistantships varies from year to year depending on the needs of our faculty's research programs.  Although the duration of a research assistantship can vary depending on available funds, a typical award is for two years for an MS students, three years for a PhD.

Graduate teaching assistantships or internships may be available on a more limited basis, and typically can be guaranteed for only one or two semesters.

Applicants for doctoral study may qualify for highly competitive fellowships offered through the Quinney College of Natural Resources or Office of Research and Graduate Studies.  More information about graduate fellowships can be found on the Tuition & Financial Aid page.

Although assistantships may be available at any time of the year, most are designed to begin in the Fall term.  To receive full consideration for an assistantship your application should be completed by February 15 of the year you plan to begin.

For more information about tuition and fee costs at Utah State University, visit the Tuition and Payment Overview page.